Tenderfooties Story

History of Tenderfooties

Tenderfooties were developed by a patient who scheduled surgery on both of her feet at the same time; a Bunionectomy on her left foot, and a Modified Brostrum (ankle tendon) on her right foot.  Preparing for the surgeries during a cold January in Colorado, she devised a warm soft merino wool half sock to fit over her dressings, splints, and later a cast.

As her recovery took many stages, shapes and forms, including bunion shoes and walking cast boots, she was delighted to find that Tenderfooties provided perfect comfort and warmth through all stages of recovery.  Believing that these perfect little socks made a huge impact both emotionally and physically in her recovery, she set out to bring the joy of Tenderfooties to all patients.

Now, Tammy Grubisha, Owner and Inventor of Tenderfooties is able to share this Patented product with you.