Can I use Tenderfooties after foot surgery?

Tenderfooties half sock are great for anyone that has had foot or ankle surgery and can't have pressure on their ankle during medical recovery.

Will my Tenderfootie Cast Sock fit over my plaster cast?

Yes, Tenderfooties cast socks have extreme cross stretch and easily fit over your plaster cast, splints, and dressings. The half sock can still be worn on the bare foot as a half sock, too. 

How does my Tenderfootie Cast Sock stay on?

Tenderfooties spandex knit provides enough compression that the sock stays in place in any application. Tenderfooties half sock hold the sock on your foot without any snaps, straps, velcro or other fasteners to get in the way. 

What season is best for my Tenderfootie Half Sock?

Tenderfooties are made from Merino wool and perfect all year-around. Merino wool clothing has become the go-to choice for athletes due to its excellent moisture wicking properties and softness, and Tenderfooties are made with the same material to keep feet dry and happy. The plush extra dense knit will also add warmth on cold days. 

Can I wear my Tenderfootie inside of a shoe?

Yes! Tenderfootie medical socks are made with a seamless toe and snugs around bandaged and bare feet inside bunion shoes, splints, walking casts and boots.