Warm, Soft, Cushioning, Merino Wool Half Sock
for Every Stage of Medical Recovery

for use with
  • Casts
  • Splints
  • Dressings
  • Bunion Shoes
  • Walking Casts and Boots
Tenderfooties also
  • Enable you to sleep comfortably without painful pressure from heavy blankets and bedding pushing on sensitive toes, feet and ankles
  • Stay in place without any straps, snaps, Velcro or other fastener
  • Are easy to apply without pressing on tender post-surgery and injured areas

“Like...a Big Hug” Tenderfooties are a perfect gift idea for a loved one recovering from the pain and stress of an injury or surgery.

Tenderfooties are the perfect solution for all stages of medical recovery. No other product can follow you through the process, adding warmth, comfort and protection as your healing progresses...warm cast sock, protection over dressings, cushioning in bunion shoes, comfort in walking cast boots, blanket free sleeping.

87% Merino Wool Provides
-Unbeatable warmth of wool
-Incredible softness of Merino wool
-Wool's self-wicking properties aid in moisture management, providing all season comfort
-Comfort for chilly air-conditioned work places

Extra-Dense Knit
-Adds to insulating properties
-Has superior cushioning and protection for sensitive areas inside bunion shoes and walking casts and boots

Commercial-Grade Fabrication Allows For
-A more durable sock
-A comfortably sewn toe seam
-The addition of Spandex, which is essential in creating the extreme cross stretch in the welt and rib knit in the body of the sock. This cross stretch is responsible for the sock’s wide variety of uses. It stretches enough to fit over casts and bulky dressing, but also springs back and snugs around bandaged and bare feet inside bunion shoes, splints and walking casts and boots. Spandex knit into the sock provides enough compression that the sock stays in place in any application. There is no need for straps, snaps, Velcro, or any other fasteners.

Proudly Made in the USA

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